Svelte — the new kid on the block! The prelude!

In a market where the big threes are standing strong, there comes another one, with docs that are the absolute best, and claiming itself to be winning in the long run. But, what’s the real truth behind this implicit premise?

Prevailing this thought in my mind, I straightaway googled svelte. Opened the first link, which of course, was the link to the official documentation . It immediately caught my attention. There’s a reason why I said, it’s very well documented. The site offers material that would transition even a novice in web development from zero to hero. Believe me, it’s really that good, and the best part is, it’s absolutely free.

Now, after playing with the docs for some time, I discovered that the code structure of a svelte component was minimal and aggressively resembles that of a Vue component. With a sense of withdrawal, I thought, eh! I will give it a try some other day. But, as I was about to close the browser, I read the first line of a very enticing gist. It was “I’ve been deceiving you all. I had you believe that Svelte was a UI framework — unlike React and Vue etc.,…”. I gave it a thorough read. That’s when I realized, it actually, has the capacity to deliver as it claims. Given, a bigger community and a bit more time to flourish, it can, actually take on the big threes. #sucker alert — > If you are actually into JavaScript and Web development in general, please give an hour of your life and do a bit more research/reading.

If it haven’t already earned your attention, I bet watching this video will do the magic.

Well, do your research and come back to this point.

I am sure, by now, you have caught up with the research :p! Just kidding! Don’t worry if are not interested in a bunch of theories and POCs! Well, this article is just an introduction to something bigger I have planned. We will dive right into the code from next article onwards. It’s been almost a month, I have been working on svelte, and I thought, it would be a great idea to educate more people on this. Hence, this is me, selling you the idea on why you should give your valuable time to learn yet another new JavaScript framework! In the next articles, we will design a simple todo application, but try to make it as complex as possible, so as to cover all the key concepts of it. So! Stay tuned for that _/\_ XD.

Wrap-up: For all those people who did their research,

How awesome is svelte right? Yes, it’s already on the third iteration and gotten amazingly better with every release. The engineering behind it is simply unquestionable. I personally never thought, achieving reactivity on your UI can become this simple.

Okay! Meet you on the next one, till then ciao!!

Oh yes! Almost forgot! Do hit me up if you have something to educate me with! If you get a hands-on on svelte, we can always bitch about it’s nuances!





Modern-day dork! Eutopia doesn't exist, but on paper though?

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Aditya Mahapatra

Aditya Mahapatra

Modern-day dork! Eutopia doesn't exist, but on paper though?

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