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With Lighthouse out on the loose, you better keep your load time on the clock! When your feature modules are thick, juicy (you know what I mean) and eagerly loaded, your initial load time will be off the charts and that would make the Lighthouse very angry! But to tackle this, you can lazy load your modules and keep your load time on the budget. From there, you can progressively load your modules and make your application slicker without cutting corners. …

In a market where the big threes are standing strong, there comes another one, with docs that are the absolute best, and claiming itself to be winning in the long run. But, what’s the real truth behind this implicit premise?

Prevailing this thought in my mind, I straightaway googled svelte. Opened the first link, which of course, was the link to the official documentation . It immediately caught my attention. There’s a reason why I said, it’s very well documented. The site offers material that would transition even a novice in web development from zero to hero. …

Electron + React
Electron + React

With the evolution of Electron, it has become simpler than ever to create amazing cross-platform desktop applications with just preexisting HTML, CSS and JavaScript knowledge. However, like every other JavaScript frameworks, it also has its learning curve. But, if you have a hands on experience with React, you can start making desktop applications, just the way you make web applications with it. In this article, I will walk you through the steps to be followed to build native apps with Electron and React. …

Aditya Mahapatra

Modern-day dork! Eutopia doesn't exist, but on paper though?

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